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AdTech Startup Commits to Growth Downtown

In 2017, Brian Handrigan and Jeff Linihan founded their start-up, Advocado, here in St. Louis. The company’s technology and services fill a gap for marketers, connecting offline consumers with online opportunity, and using the data collected to make advertising more effective, insightful and immediate. It’s a singular concept, and in today’s data-fueled economy, an innovative and valuable one. 

A few years into Advocado’s existence, the company had grown enough that its founders knew they would need to expand their footprint. They decided to undergo a site selection process, exploring talent and entertaining potential locations nationwide. Our team at AllianceSTL contributed to their search, offering the same concierge services we provide to companies looking at the St. Louis region from the outside. Advocado was supported too by the Missouri Partnership, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the St. Louis Development Corporation.

At its heart, Advocado is a technology company, and it faced significant pressure to move to either coast to take advantage of the tech-centric environments in places like Silicon Valley and Boston. But at the end of their search, after exploring locations all over the country, Advocado chose to stay in St. Louis. 

We’re not surprised. St. Louis is home to a highly qualified workforce, a nationally acclaimed startup movement and a diverse economy. With one of the nation’s lowest costs of living, the region was recognized by Entrepreneur as the “No. 1 City for Innovation in the Heartland” and LinkedIn as the “Top U.S. City to Launch Your Career.” It’s a place where investment, talent, mentorship and lifestyle all intersect. 

For us, one of the biggest perks of Advocado’s decision is its choice to reside at 1000 Clark Ave. in Downtown St. Louis. Strengthening the central core of the region is a critical component of the STL 2030 Jobs Plan, and Advocado is stepping up to advance this charge in a big way. 

The company has a three-year plan to add more than 100 jobs to its headquarters, and it’s committing to add them here, now with the qualification that Advocado is officially, confidently STLMade.

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