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Disruption in the Supply Chain

I’ve used this space to speculate about potential looming changes in the corporate office environment. Once we get beyond this pandemic, does everyone then go back to the office, or is remote work the new normal? Recently, I’ve been reading more about emerging trends poised to disrupt the warehouse and distribution sector.

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St. Louis: A True Hub for Tech Talent

AllianceSTL, along with our many partners, have been celebrating the recent announcement that Accenture Federal Services (AFS) selected St. Louis as the location for an Advanced Technology Center. The center will create 1,400 new, high-paying technology jobs over the next five years. Economic modeling suggests the overall impact will be closer to 2,800 jobs total.

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Our Statement

Please read our following statement, issued in collaboration with our partners across other private sector business and economic development organizations in St. Louis.

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It’s All About Risk

Everyone’s talking about risk these days. It’s why we keep our distance, wash our hands, wear a mask—all designed to lessen the risk others may pose to us and we may pose to others. It just makes sense.

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