Coming Together

I have been involved in economic development for many years – nearly 20 of them in St. Louis alone. We created AllianceSTL to more effectively compete as a region for job-creating business investment to boost employment and development. During that time, we’ve seen a lot of progress. We’ve seen small wins, and we’ve seen big wins, and this announcement was a BIG win for the St. Louis region.  

The leaders of five St. Louis organizations – AllianceSTL, Downtown STL, Inc., the St. Louis Regional Chamber, Arch to Park and Civic Progress – announced a historic decision to come together under a new organization – Greater St. Louis, Inc. – in a move that will reshape the way we work together toward economic progress as a region. 

This combination is truly momentous for our region, and I could not be more excited about the prospects it brings, not only for our organization, but also for our combined ability to move toward transformational change and marshal the resources necessary to make it a reality. 

Under Greater St. Louis, Inc., four affiliates will execute highly focused strategic functions: AllianceSTL (business attraction); ChamberSTL (public policy and advocacy); CentralCitySTL (strengthening Downtown and urban core assets); and the Greater St. Louis Foundation (funding to support Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s charitable activities). And I am pleased to announce I will continue to lead the region’s coordinated business attraction efforts as Chief Business Attraction Officer of Greater St. Louis, Inc. and President of AllianceSTL. 

As we begin to look ahead to next year and the significant opportunities yet to emerge, I am incredibly encouraged by the path forward. The economic development potential in St. Louis is strong. This formation of Greater St. Louis, Inc. will only accelerate our ability to tap into that growing potential and advance our region toward an even stronger future ahead. 

In the coming weeks, we will announce opportunities for engagement and input as we continue to shape our exciting future together. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the Greater St. Louis, Inc. website and learn more about the organization and our initial priorities. I look forward to working collaboratively and engaging with voices across the region as we partner to build a greater and more prosperous St. Louis for all. 

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