It’s All About Risk

Everyone’s talking about risk these days. It’s why we keep our distance, wash our hands, wear a mask—all designed to lessen the risk others may pose to us and we may pose to others. It just makes sense.

Mitigating risk is as much about balance as it is about avoidance. Hard and valuable lessons are learned by taking risks. Great rewards rarely come without it. Our lives will never be devoid of risk.

We talk a lot about risk at our office–not how we can avoid it ourselves, but how we can best minimize it for our clients. The companies our clients represent always focus on managing corporate risk but there’s another dimension to it as well. At the end of a long process our clients will put their professional reputations on the line by recommending where their company should invest substantial amounts of capital, build up an employee base and stake the future success of their firm. That quickly makes this very personal for them. And risky.

Understanding this outsized role that risk plays drives our approach to business attraction at AllianceSTL. Our overriding objective is to minimize as much risk as possible, making it safe for our clients to recommend Greater St. Louis as their location of choice. We do that through the information we provide, the introductions we make, and the proficiency with which we address their specific needs.

Five years after a location decision has been made the client will rarely talk about the real estate or incentive package they negotiated. But they’ll go on forever about whether they got what they were promised, what their workforce is like, how their team was integrated into the community, and whether it has all lived up to their expectations. They may never use the word “risk” in those conversations, but that’s what they’re talking about. 

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