Making A Difference

This week we’re starting to slowly and purposefully open back up across Greater St. Louis. The bi-state area has shown great strength during this pandemic and I expect no less when it comes to the reopening of our economy. Read about reopening guidelines for the county here and the city here.

With masks and social distancing remaining staples for the foreseeable future, now is a time for us to stay together by supporting these guidelines to ensure a strong and responsible recovery. As we’ve done throughout our history in St. Louis, I’m confident we’ll band together and do the hard work required to make a difference. 

We have a history of “making a difference” and it’s the St. Louis story I love most to tell. Across the region countless St. Louisans have joined together to make large contributions to beat this thing. Here are just a few examples—I could fill a couple of pages. 

  1. Back in March when the first COVID-19 case was announced in the region the reproduction factor was larger than five. Just two weeks later when the stay-at-home order was issued, the rate dropped to a reproduction factor of two. We all chose to take an active role in helping reduce the spread of this virus.
  2. Pfizer selected its St. Louis facility to produce a new vaccine for COVID-19 simultaneously with clinical trials.
  3. St. Louisans throughout the region rallied around local restaurants to help support their favorite places by ordering curbside or purchasing gift cards. I’ve seen many families participating in “Take Out Tuesday” and Take It Home STL.
  4. Saint Louis University was one of 68 sites worldwide to participate in the NIH-sponsored trial of remdesivir, a medication that is proving to be a game-changer for COVID-19 patient’s recovery.
  5. Centene Corporation, headquartered in the St. Louis region, is joining forces with Quest Diagnostics to expand access to COVID-19 testing across the country.
  6. The fashion industry throughout the St. Louis region is a $3.3 billion industry and important to our economy as a whole. Celebrities and St. Louis leaders alike participated in an awareness campaign in order to encourage St. Louisans to shop local.
  7. Despite COVID-19, the bi-state region is forging ahead as America’s Emerging Geospatial Center of Excellence.

Throughout it all these past two months, economic development for the St. Louis region has not taken a back seat. We’ve been busy working with active investment projects and sifting through data to see where the next might come from. Companies are recognizing the St. Louis area’s potential and are ready to become STLMade.

And now, economic development work becomes more important than ever. With the backing of our Board of Directors, top business leaders in the region, our team is diligently working with our partners across the region to recruit new business to Greater St. Louis who will be part of the anticipated recovery.

St. Louis, we are stronger as a community. Our team created this message about a month ago and I still feel the message rings true as we explore this recovery process together.

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