Our Statement

Please read our following statement, issued in collaboration with our partners across other private sector business and economic development organizations in St. Louis.

Last week, we witnessed another awful injustice in the killing of George Floyd. His death and the disproportionate deaths among African Americans from the current coronavirus pandemic are sources of pain and hardships in our communities. These are two recent manifestations of long-standing inequities which continue to persist in our nation and in the St. Louis region. As long as systemic racism, violence against people and communities of color, and other inequalities remain in place, too many of our fellow citizens will have their futures limited by the circumstances of their birth.

We believe that St. Louis must be a region where equity and economic growth go hand in hand. We stand with the peaceful protestors who seek to bring about lasting change and systemic policy reforms for St. Louis and the country. We do not condone the violence and criminal activity that has occurred.

Let us all recognize that every person in our St. Louis community is a human being of great and equal value and deserving of respect. We are committed to making positive change happen by putting time, effort and resources toward working peacefully with other groups who want to remove the barriers of inequality in our region and society. We will continue to strengthen our resolve to create equitable communities and foster inclusive growth. This mission belongs to all of us and must be addressed by all of us.

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