Some Things Never Change…

Robert Frost wrote, “Men (women) work together whether they work together or apart.” That seems an apt description of where we are today. 

Last week, I asked our team to start envisioning our workspace when we begin to return to the office. Their feedback understandably described a setting devoid of direct interaction. They’re probably right on track, which will mean big changes for all of us. 

We are currently working with a client who is eager to visit St. Louis and tour various industrial sites being considered for a significant project—maps and photos can only tell you so much.

But because not many are comfortable flying right now, they’ve decided to drive here in separate cars. They’ll meet our team at the site (one per car), along with community representatives (one per car) and form an impressive caravan touring six separate sites. And planning a dinner for our guests while honoring all the guidance re: social distancing and maximum size of gatherings was another logistical challenge. Whatever it takes, right?

Like many, I’m not great with change, but I think we’re just getting started and a lot more change is headed our way. But here’s what will remain constant. We all still need each other, perhaps more than ever. Deals get done between people. Trust still matters—doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it. Simple stuff like that. 

So, yes, in one respect everything has changed. But maybe it’s just different. While some priorities have been turned upside down, for the things that really matter, what was important six months ago is still important. While for now we’re purposefully working apart throughout Greater St. Louis, we’re also working together better than ever. Reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost.

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