St. Louis: At the Intersection of Agtech and Geospatial

St. Louis has long been a hub for agtech, with well-established players like Bayer making way in recent years for new and equally innovative start-ups to the region and the industry. But agtech cannot exist efficiently and effectively today without another St. Louis standout: geospatial technologies. The two industries are irrevocably linked, said a panel of industry experts Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Part of Agtech NEXT, an annual conference that brings together people who are shaping the future of food, the panelists spoke on the topic of “The Convergence of Agtech and Geospatial.” Jim Alexander, senior vice president of business attraction at AllianceSTL, led the 45-minute discussion with panelists Andrew Dearing, president, Spatial STL Advisors, and project lead, GeoFutures; Dr. Martin Mendez-Costabel, head of location services, Bayer Crop Science; and Matt Harman, commercial agriculture practice lead, Esri.

Their discussion explored the necessary connection and collaboration between agricultural innovation and the unique data provided by geospatial systems, which help growers better plant and harvest crops, increase profitability and ROI, enhance sustainability, and even trace yields back to their original sources.

St. Louis is uniquely positioned to effectively grow both the agtech and geospatial communities already well-established in the region. Local talent pipelines feed both, and initiatives to grow talent here gain more and more traction.

Learn more about the fascinating relationship between agtech and geospatial — and their intersection with St. Louis — and watch the full TableTalk conversation below.

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